iMeal Sydney (an Australian Online Merchant, part of FINTIE PTY LTD), started in October 2012, offers people living in the Sydney area (currently focusing on Eastwood, Kingsford, Burwood, Hurstville and city area) with its convenient and efficient online meal ordering and delivery services. Meanwhile, it's also interested in help restaurants grow their businesses on the Internet with its online ordering platform.

  • ACN: 168 103 973
  • E-mail:
  • Tel: 1300 887 186
  • Address:
    33 Argyle St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
  • Kingsford shop:
    339 Anzac Pde, Kingsford

Our Mission

Motivated by creating pleasant online user experiences and the power of sharing economy on the Internet, we provide a series of 'chained' services from sharing delicious food pictures on social media, to advertising our partnered restaurants, to convenient online food ordering, to trusty food delivery. We aim to serve people of all races here in Australia with our innovative thinking.

Our Services

  • Facebook, Wechat, Weibo: sharing information of delicious food (fans/followers over 22,000 in all)
  • Sydney area: restaurant online portal and online promotion, online food ordering, food delivery

Our History

  • July 2013: Official partner of Austar Group’s Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant (Sydney Area), providing catering services
  • August 2013: Partnered with Taste of Shanghai Group and introduced an iMeal & Taste of Shanghai discount card
  • September 2013: Partnered with Sydney University and co-hosted I Want to Sing University Singing Contest
  • October 2013: Partnered with Macquarie University and co-hosted Gourmet Festival
  • June 2014: Official start of Eastwood delivery service partnered with Crazy Wings, BBQ HOT and other restaurants and designed promotional material in alliance with partnered restaurants
  • August 2014: Part of Macquarie University’s O Week and Orientation Night
  • October 2014: Official start of Kingsford delivery service partnered with Yongjing Kitchen, Petaling Street and other restaurants
  • February 2015: O Week activities in The University of Sydney and University of New South Wales
  • Apirl 2015: Start Burwood and city delivery service
  • May 2015: the first iMeal Shop opens in Kingsford
  • June 2015: Official start of Chatswood delivery service

Our Team

  • Executive Director: Teddy Jiang -
  • Director of Public Relations: Jerry Ke -
  • Brand and Marketing Director: Calvin Hu -
  • Director of Operations: Timon Tang -
  • Operations Manager: Viki -
  • Engineering Team: Jackie Gu, Yu Su, Ding Ye, Enhui Bao -
  • Social Media Marketing Manager: Selina Shi -
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